The Heroines of Peony or Who We Would Design our Clothes For (If they were real)?

by Kathryn LeMieux

“I am Eloise. I am six.” These are perhaps, STILL, my favorite opening lines. .. of anything.. EVER.  I used to want to live at the plaza, and have an egg cup hat, and a pug. I used want to be her. Didn’t we all? And now I get to pretend to dress her, not that I don’t love her peter  pan collar blouse, suspenders and pleated skirt… and…now  I also have a pug.

     Others that used to captivate me as a child?  Madeline, so French and mysterious. Nancy Drew so brave. I used to imagine what Nancy Drew would be wearing as she climbed the attic stairs clutching her flashlight. These imaginings are what inspire me today. Appliqué skirts, capes, and ric-rac are swirling around in my brain these days.

The qualities of these young girls that were so appealing were their sense of bravery, fun and adventure. They always made the best of their situations and they always seemed to get others happily involved in their shenanigans. If I clothed them, what would I put them in? The clothes my grandmother used to sew for me. The clothes from the Lillian shop in New Orleans that my mother bought for me. What would these girls do in these clothes? Run, laugh, whisper, plot, dream, nap, jump rope, perhaps solve a mystery or two.

  I recently read a book in which the  south Louisiana heroine, inspired by an earlier heroine, would summon her courage by yelling “Nancy Drew” before she had to do something that scared her. So, from all of the petite heroines that inspire us, we, at Peony would like to shout a very enthusiastic “Nancy Drew!” as we begin this brave, fun, adventurous clothing line!