It is that time of year again

by Crickett Lapeyre

            Parents love it. Parents hate it. Children love it. Children hate it. Yes, I am talking about going back to school. Oddly, I always remember returning to the classroom in tweed, with a cool breeze that morning. This is odd because I am sure it was sweltering in New Orleans at the end of August. Oh how the mind plays tricks. What I do remember for real was the certain smell of the school, being excited to see everyone again (wondering if they’d grown over the summer, as I was perpetually short); and I remember a great dread of PE.

            I polled my friends and their children and it seems the #1 reaction to the start of a new school year comes from moms: “I hate making lunches.”

I feel my own mother must have had a similar reaction because she implemented a lunch making method that hinged on putting whatever I didn’t finish for dinner the night before in between two slices of bread. For example, I had a spaghetti and meatball sandwich, a pancake sandwich complete with syrup in between two slices of wheat bread, etc. The kicker was the last day of school. I can just see the glee on my mother’s face as she wrote the word “meat” on a piece of paper and then placed it in the middle of two mayonnaise sodden pieces of French bread. Yes, I was a hungry child, particularly around lunch time.

The upside for parents? They seem to love being back on a schedule “getting their lives back.” However that apparently comes at the price of having to get the kids up early and then helping them with their homework after school.

Children love the excitement of seeing their friends again. As put by Crickett, “Best thing about the new school year is seeing kids fly and scream as they run into their friends’ arms. It can be funny because they may have just seen each other just the week before, but they act like it has been years.”

Other reactions I received, “The best part about the end of summer? I know my favorite was shopping for new clothes.”

And of course, “Back to School?........ Cooties.”